Should Parents Keep Children Away from Gadget?

What do you think of a gadget for children? Is it good? How to maximize the gadget’s function for them? Well, you’re in the right article. Let’s discuss it in detail! 

Is there a positive impact on the gadget on children?

Gadgets have become items that do not recognize status and age. All groups now have the same technology and this development is difficult to stem. Including exposure to children. However much the parents attempt to keep their children away from gadgets, in fact in daily life, this is still impossible to do.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with introducing gadgets for children. If its use is in the right supervision and used with clear rules, the gadget can also support the development of children. Although it is considered to have many negative impacts, gadgets can also have a positive impact. Gadgets can help children learn to know many things, increase vocabulary, recognize the sound and improve reading skills. Gadgets can also help improve children’s visual abilities. Objects that are seen through the gadget screen usually appear clearer and more detailed so that they can practice the child’s visual ability to be more observant in seeing images.

Should children be kept away from gadgets?

We understand your frustration as a parent with a child who is already actively using gadgets. On the one hand, you feel that you can not keep children from gadgets, but on the other hand, the closeness of children with gadgets is felt to be a threat to the child’s development. Prohibiting the child in total even resulted in the child being bullied because it was said to be a (less updated) by his friends. This situation indeed feels like a Simalakama fruit.

Even so, in the end, gadgets for children become items that are around the child and this raises a child’s sense of curiosity to join using. Especially if he often sees his parents use. Because the effect is already inevitable, then there are several ways you can do as a parent to still be able to maximize the function of the gadget for the good of the child’s development. Some of these ways are:

Maximizing gadgets for child development

Not a few parents with children who are already actively using gadgets, do not understand what activities children do with their gadgets. Parents can understand their children playing games, but do not understand what games are played by children. Does the game can bring learning or just an ordinary game.

This must be changed. Games given to children in their gadgets can also be selected. There are many educational games available and can be used to make children’s time with their gadgets more useful.

Teach Children Discipline with Time Limits Use of Gadgets

Limiting children’s time is a method that many parents use to regulate the use of children’s gadgets. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children aged 2-5 years are not allowed to stare at the gadget screen for more than an hour every day.

Discipline enforcement does require strict methods. Both of the children, as well as from the parents themselves. If indeed the child has arrived at a predetermined time period using a gadget, then parents must also firmly pull the gadget from the child’s hands.

Teach children to understand that the use of gadgets for a long time will have a negative impact. Use language that is easy for the child to understand so that the child understands why you set rules for time restrictions on use.

Accompany Children When Using Gadgets

Do not use a gadget for children as a media to distract your role as a parent who must accompany your child. Children who are given a gadget may seem silent and engrossed in its gadgets making it easier for you to move. The lack of supervision can have a bad effect on children because you do not understand what the child is doing. Children can be exposed to things that are not appropriate for their age. As simple as a game that may require children to commit violence in order to “level up” or other means. Of course, this needs parental assistance.

The Use of Gadgets Can Also Be a Means of Bonding with Children

By using the gadget as a learning medium-plus you as a parent accompany when using it, then this can also be your moment for bonding with children. Children who actively use gadgets have the potential for poor quality bonding with parents due to lack of interaction. However, this can be bridged if parents participate in accompanying and still interacting with children when he is on the move with his gadget.

Activate Kids Mode When Kids Are Together with the Gadget

Technology also understands that users can be minors. The kids’ mode feature is available in the gadget you can activate when your child is using the gadget. This feature can be found in the settings of Google Play and your gadget browser. This feature will prevent children from downloading or opening web pages that are not age-appropriate.

Keep Introducing Kids Toys Non Gadget

Traditional toys such as hide and seek, marbles, or even Lego and plasticine are types of toys that can be introduced to children. The game besides being able to train gross and fine motor skills in children also makes the physical activity of children involved. This is compared to the interaction of children with the gadget layer, only relying on touch and just staying in one place for a long time. This type of game also invites children to interact with the environment around where he is playing. Able to friends with the game or accompanying parents.

Well, are you ready as a parent to facilitate gadgets for children? 

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